Goodbye, November! | November 2023

November was a month of many things, and definitely a busy month. 

Finishing an updated WIP outline.

This was my main focus for writing this month, and I finished it right on schedule! I have a clearer idea of what I need to still rewrite, and some deadlines to keep up with, so I think having this will be helpful.



The last days of fall-like weather.

Some of November felt more like early summer, but there were also some gray and cloudy days that definitely felt like autumn. I took several walks through the leaves and read outside as much as I could, which was nice. I also went on a day trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with my mom, grandmother, sister, and nephew, and it was a lovely day enjoying the sunshine and the park.


We watched the Macy’s Parade on TV, as is tradition, and hosted lunch for my mom’s side of the family. There was a death in the family just a few days prior, so it was nice to gather and be around family for Thanksgiving and have each other’s company. We also went to a Festival of Trees, which I don’t think I had been to before, and it was really pretty. 


How was your November? What were some of your favorite happenings? Are you ready for autumn to be over soon?