Good Cheer | Blogmas Week Two

A bit later than planned, but here is Part Two of Blogmas/Vlogmas! I really enjoyed putting together little highlights of each day through Christmas. It was a fun way to mark memories!

time with family | a favorite sweater | memories | writing by the Christmas tree

reading | stormy skies | writing by the tree | watching Rudolph with my mom and nephew

movie marathon | making a gingerbread house | rainy day | planning for the week | reading

writing progress | peppermint tea | journal catch-up | lazy afternoons | starry skies

writing | a restful day to recover from a cold | crafting with my mom | finishing a Christmas reread

finishing my last read leftover from November | sunshine | completing another chapter of my WIP | Christmas plushies | watching the meteor shower with my mom

tea | writing a tricky story moment | crafting | watching Christmas specials | Christmas candles

time with family | reading | cozy vlogs | trying to keep up with my to do lists | floof snuggles | journal scribbles

dinner with family | tidying home | nephew snuggles | driving around to look at Christmas lights | nostalgia

Christmas hymns at church | watching movies | planning for the week ahead | scenic drives | reading with a cozy ambience playing in the background

reading by the Christmas tree | planning Christmas preparation tasks | writing | cold almost-winter weather

Christmas baking shows | drawing practice | cold but cozy afternoon | journaling

time with my grandmother | reaching the midpoint of my current audiobook (rereading Little Women) | Christmas planning | receiving Christmas cards in the mail

Christmas preparations | Christmas playlist while driving | reading | wrapping presents

baking a cake for a gift exchange | wrapping presents | shopping | crafting

making more Christmas treats | shopping with my mom and grandmother | reading at the coffee shop | watching What If...

finishing up Christmas baking and treats | reading a cozy short story | candlelight service at church | looking at Christmas lights | watching a favorite rom-com

a cozy day at home | hot tea while watching Christmas classics | time with family | sharing gifts and memories | laughter