T H E   I N H E R I T A N C E  P R O C L A M A T I O N

Seventeen-year-old Katira is an assassin’s apprentice on the verge of her first assignment. It’s not the life she would have chosen for herself, and when faced with new information regarding the past, Kat must choose between proving her loyalties in the life she’s trained for or setting off in search of answers she may never find.

For fans of: Non-magical fantasy. Reluctant assassins. Best friends.
Content Warnings:
Violence: Characters are killed, with mentions of the weapon used, some mentions of blood/bloodstains. Characters fight, sometimes mild injuries are sustained. Discussions of death, assassinations, war, and executions (not graphic). Violence is not overly graphic, and does not go farther than a PG-13 level.
Language: Mentions of characters cursing (such as “he cursed”); a few uses of “blast,” “blasted,” and “blazes.” 

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A prequel short story to The Assassin’s Daughter, available to read for free here.

O T H E R   S T O R I E S


Scifi flash fiction published with Havok Publishing in October 2022 as part of
Season Eight: Vice & Virtue