Snippets | January 2021

It’s been a slower writing month, which isn’t all that unusual for January, and a lot of my writing time has been spent in notes and outlining rather than actively working in a story document. I’ve been enjoying the chapters I’ve been revising this month though, and here are a few snippets from them.

    This was the path Ed had walked, and it had led here, whether that path had been completely of his own choosing or not.
    “I don’t need or want your pity.”
    “You are dismissed.”
    He made his bow and left the room, still biting back all the words rising in his throat. This was no time to be doing nothing, and sometimes, action was necessary even without evidence. How many times had he watched others in the Guard, the captain included, follow a suspicion on much less evidence than what Kilam had brought to her?
    “How long have you known?” It was not the response Ed had been trying to decide on, was not the thing he wanted to say because it gave away too much.
    But there it was, asked and drifting in the air like a ghost.
    The memory of her mother mending clothes came to mind. A hazy memory, missing some of its pieces, but one of the few in which she could recall all of her family together. A steady fire, the bright gray light of morning through the window, a thin layer of snow on the ground outside, feathery flakes falling through the air.
    Kat let go of the scarf and backed away from the booth, shaking the memory away despite the chill that seemed to linger in its wake.


  1. Oh my goodness, Jameson, these are all GORGEOUS!!! The last two especially DID THINGS TO MY HEART. They had such an emotional punch to them. Aaahhhh this book is gonna be amazing! Thank you for sharing!


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