Goodbye, January | January 2021

Here we are at the end of another month, and one full month into the new year! It’s been both a slow month and a fast one, in that weird way that is January. As is the usual for the last day of the month, here are some highlights!

Rereading The Assassin’s Daughter.

There are some fixes needed in the paperback, so I reread and noted where those are. And I actually had a lot of fun looking back on the story!

Slow progress on The Treasonist’s Son.

I reoutlined some chapters that I’m still not super happy with, and have been working on applying those changes.


New Year, New Goals: 2020 Goal Update + 2021 Goals | Planners I’m Using in 2021 | Snippets

I’m going to be an aunt again!
Have I already started buying things to spoil this new little? Yes, yes I have.

Recovering from COVID.
So at the beginning of January I was diagnosed with it, which was scary and anxiety-inducing, but thankfully my symptoms were mostly mild. I spent a lot of recovery time watching TV and resting. I’m still having some occasional bouts of fatigue and brain fog, but am feeling better now!

One day this week, it was actually warm enough
to spend a few minutes reading outside!
I haven’t been able to do that since November,
and it’s one of my favorite things. ^_^

Trying out new goal methods!
Each month, I’m attempting to practice a new hobby or skill for a few minutes every day. For January, I wanted to work on handlettering practice for at least ten minutes each day. I missed a few days, and have a whole lot of room left to improve, but I am pretty happy with some of the progress I’ve made!

How was your January? Have you had any snow where you live? What are you looking forward to in February?


  1. Oh man, girl, I am so sorry you got covid! Praise God it wasn't too bad. I do hope you fully recover SOON! <3 But oh my goodness, how thrilling you're going to be an aunt again!!! Awwww! I'm so happy for you!

    I LOVE that you're trying a new hobby for a few minutes each days. What a fantastic practice! What all things are you hoping to try? I could definitely use to form some new skills of my own. *nervous laughter*

    I do hope February proves to be a fantastic month for you! <3

    1. Thank you so much!

      I definitely want to practice handlettering more (and maybe handwriting improvement in general?), embroidery, and drawing. I'm also considering some journaling challenges. While I'd like to do something different each month, I'm thinking I'll cycle through the same core things every couple of months so that I'm still building on progress somewhat consistently. It's been a fun experiment so far though!


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