Planners I'm Using in 2021

Last year was the first year I used multiple planners at the same time, and I liked being able to have a planner dedicated to general and everyday things and another solely for writing tasks and plans. Since I’m switching to a couple of new planners, I thought it would be fun to share about the ones I’m using this year!

Everything Planner (Classic Happy Planner)

This is the first time I can recall that I’m starting a new planner in January of a new year. I usually get my planners in the summer during the school planner launches, and my previous one was an 18-month planner dated July 2019-December 2020. It was my first planner from The Happy Planner, and I really liked the customization possibilities of a discbound system, so for 2021, I’m also using one from this brand. I usually go for a horizontal layout, but decided to try something new this year by choosing a vertical layout!

This yellow cover was a gift, and I like that it has pockets where I can store sticker sheets or extra notepads, and it has a pen loop.

This planner has future log pages, and I’ll be using them to track time spent on a goal or skill I’m working to learn each month. In January, my goal is to spend ten minutes practicing handlettering each day.

Like in my previous planner, I added a page for yearly goals. I used some dot grid filler paper and stickers to decorate it.
The color scheme of this planner is primarily black and white, so there are lots of ways to add pops of color to the monthly or weekly pages using stickers, washi tape, and pens. This Merida-themed spread is one of my favorites so far!

A few new accessories I’m adding to this planner include a an envelope (perfect for storing things like stamp sheets!), a dashboard to mark the monthly overview pages, and a bookmark to use for the weekly pages. (The envelope and bookmark were part of a set I got for Christmas, and the dashboard is one of three I got on clearance.)

Writing Planner (Classic Happy Planner)
Not much is changed from this than what I’ve shown in previous posts or in YouTube videos. It’s a Classic Horizontal Happy Planner, and new things I’ve added this year are a dashboard (from the set I got on clearance), and a cover. I keep sticky notes in the cover’s pocket for writing down sprint times during writing.

Wellness Journal (Classic Happy Planner)

This was a Christmas gift and part of the set that included the Rapunzel bookmark and Pocahontas envelope. I think this one is a six-month journal (undated). Each section is themed for a different princess (this one is Pocahontas, Merida, and Rapunzel), and contains enough pages for one month of prompts.

There are weekly overview pages, daily pages, and then a note page of dot grid paper. The prompts are themed around kindness, encouragement, health, and self-reflection. I’m thinking this will also be a good place to add in pages for physical wellness too…

Social Media Planner (Mini Happy Planner)

Last year, I posted about the social media planner I made for the year, and it worked out pretty well! I did change things up later in the year though, after I got this planner on clearance for super cheap. It’s the Mini version of the one I use for writing. I used some filler paper and stickers to create a page for tracking some 2021 stats.

I use the monthly overview pages to make a task list of photos to take and edit, and platforms that need posts scheduled.

I also put blog posts I want to write for month here (and I have scrap paper in the planner for jotting down content ideas).

The monthly calendar is good for tracking breaks and different social media events. I use the weekly pages to track which social media sites need posts, and then what that post will be.
Are you using a planner or bullet journal this year? What are your favorite accessories/pages?


  1. Oh my goodness, these are the CUTEST planners! I mean, cats and Disney princesses? Only two of my most favorite things. *heart-eyes* And I LOVE what you've done with them. You've made organizing so much fun. This is fantastic! :D Thank you for sharing with us!


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