New Year, New Goals | 2020 Goal Update + 2021 Goals

Putting together 2021’s goals took some time, and the list may change over the next few months, but I think it’s a good place to start!

2 0 2 0   G O A L S

Read Bible 360/366 days.

Incomplete. I missed it by one day!

Memorize six verses.

Incomplete. I’m pretty happy with progress here, though, since I made it to five verses.

Finish one novel revision.


Write and submit two short stories/flash fictions.

Sort of complete? I wrote and submitted one flash fiction piece (rejected), and then published three short stories on Wattpad.

Blog three times each month.


Journal four times each month.


Read fifty books.

Complete! My Goodreads count is a little different than what I have in my reading journal, since some of what I read was in ebook bundles and such, but I think the final number is around seventy-four books…

Prep TAD2 for publishing.

In progress! Several big things happened for this book this year—deciding on a title, title reveal, major revisions, critique—so I’m happy with that progress.

Unplug more often.

Complete! I took a couple of social media breaks, which in turn generally meant I was looking at my phone less. And most Sundays, I didn’t use my computer at all since I didn’t write on Sundays (except in November and December).

2 0 2 1   G O A L S

Read Bible 360/365 days.

Last year I used a faith planner I received as a Christmas gift, which was super helpful for keeping on track with reading plans and notes, so I’m trying out something similar in a bullet journal this year!

Journal four times each month.

I’ve been bad about not writing until the month is nearly over, and I’d really like to get back to a better journaling habit.

Do a minimalism challenge.

I’ve been seeing posts about them on social media and, since decluttering is something I really need to work on, I think this will be a fun way to get started on that.

Read sixty books.

Still a bit on the challenging side, without being way out of attainability’s reach.

Take a social media break each month.

I’d like to work on taking at least one day a month off of social media, and maybe a couple of longer breaks here and there.

Save for a new desk.

I love my desk, but it’s starting to show its age and wear, so I’d like to save up enough money for a new one. I’d really like to have a custom one built!

Complete a workout challenge.

I haven’t decided on one yet, but I would like to complete at least one workout challenge this year.

Finish one first draft.

Not really anything new in my usual writing goals, but I would like to complete the first draft of an entirely new project this year.

Finish one novel revision.

Again, not new from my usual goals, but still challenging.

Submit two flash fiction stories.

I like writing shorter things, and it’s a good way to try out new things and can be a good way to build a writing audience.

Blog three times each month.

This one is still challenging sometimes, so I’m sticking with this number again this year.

What are your goals in 2021?


  1. You accomplished so much in 2020! CONGRATS!!! So proud of you, girl! And I am loving your goals for this year! Looks like you have a lot of lovely things ahead of you. I do hope you have a most amazing year! <3


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