Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I was given this award by Grace, from Fictionally! :)

1.) What was the last movie you watched and enjoyed a lot?
Ant-Man. My expectations were pretty low for it (though I was hoping to be surprised), and I was curious because I had heard good things about it. I never anticipated I would enjoy it so much. It’s funny and actiony, and just really, really fun.

2.) What was one of your favorite childhood toys?
It would probably be a toy that wasn’t actually mine. When my first brother was born, my mom had gotten him a little blue lamb with a rattle inside it. Shortly after my brother was brought home, I sort of stole it and claimed “Lamby” as mine. (In my defense, I did return it to him.)  ;)

3.) How many languages can you speak? (Are there any you wish you could speak?)
English.  I’m also fairly fluent in ASL, though I’m a bit out-of-practice. And I know some Spanish, but I’m better at writing it than speaking it (though my Spanish isn’t great in either form).

As for languages I wish I could speak: Latin and Elvish. (Not very practical, I know.) 

4.) What style do you prefer to have your hair in (long, short, straight, curly, etc.)?
My hair has been long pretty much since I was about four years old, and it’s wavy. I like wearing it in curls, but it’s a long, tedious process to make it curly.

Recently, I had a few inches cut off of it, but it's still shoulder-length, and I mostly wear it down.

5.) If you could snap your fingers and go anywhere, where would it be?
Ooh. At this moment, probably the beach. I haven’t been yet this year and really want to go.

6.) Have you ever had a pet fish?

Yes, but I’m not the best fish owner. I can’t keep them alive, poor things.

7.) Which do you prefer: beach, mountains, prairies, being indoors with a book or movie?
Oh, dear, this is a tough one. Probably mountains, though. I like going for day trips on winding mountain roads just to see where they go, or take short hiking trips.

8.) Your current favorite book?
Another tough one. I have a lot of favorites. But, I could choose one of my favorites from this year, which would be This Is What Happy Looks Like. I don’t read a lot of contemporary stories, but I picked it up at the library because the premise looked interesting and the cover was very bright. It’s a light read, and a cute one, as well as pretty clean.

9.) Which do you like to wear best: flip flops, tennis shoes, boots, or dress shoes?
Flip flops, but probably because that’s closest to not wearing shoes at all. :)

10.) Do you like fair rides/theme park rides?
Yes! I particularly like things that spin, or roller coasters. 

If you want, just pick a question or two and answer them in the comments, or take all of them and post them on your blog! :)

And these are my questions for you! 
1.) What is your current favorite song?
2.) Do you like plaid?
3.) Have you ever had a Lord of the Rings marathon? (Bonus: did you watch the theatrical or extended editions?)
4.) What is your favorite miniseries?
5.) Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
6.) Favorite time period?
7.) What is your favorite cake or cookie flavor?
8.) Favorite season?
9.) Do you quote movies/books/TV/songs in everyday conversation if the opportunity arises, or do you avoid doing so?
10.) Do you have a favorite type of mythology? If so, which one?



  1. Ooh, I love the mountains, too! :D Also, you stealing your brother's toy is hilarious. xD Also, I know about not liking wearing shoes: that's totally me! As for some of your questions, my favorite Disney princess is Ariel and I do quote things when I can. Because I can, that's why. :D


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