Falling leaves | October 2015

* Weddings. Both of my brothers got married this month. I was a bridesmaid in each wedding.

* Drinking hot chocolate by the fire pit.

* Visiting with family.

* Going to corn mazes.

* Carving and decorating pumpkins.

* Preparing for NaNoWriMo.

* Hosting my first giveaway here at LW. (It's open through November 3, so check it out!) :)

What did you do in October?


  1. Wow, two weddings in one month? Intense! Personally, I plan on insisting on being the best man in my brother's weddings, haha. Sounds like you have a fun month though! I mostly wrote, outlined/prepared for NaNo, then I outlined again when I decided to change my book five days before the 1st! Lots of fun, basically!

    Hope you have another good month. =)

  2. Wow, an exciting month! Good luck writing for Nanowrimo for the next four weeks, and also, make time to drink more hot chocolate by fire pits. What could be better?


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