Novel Plot Week: Week One Recap

It’s the end of my first Novel Plot Week! Here’s a quick look into what I was working on and how things have been going. It’s also Fall Cleaning week at my house, so things have been super busy. On the bright side, the housework is done! :)

My focus of the week was Capturing Freedom. I’ve completed a first draft (NaNoWriMo 2012), and have been considering the second draft. It’s a fantasy-adventure about pirates, a king, and mermaids. The original idea was a retelling of The Little Mermaid, but it turned out a bit differently than what I’d thought when I finished the first draft. My hopes for the second draft are to clean it up and streamline the plot and focus of the story.

Monday was the day I’d set aside for doing character interviews and fact sheets. I only got a few things done though, since there were errands to run and things to do.

Plot day. Since I’d fallen behind in Monday’s goals, I finished my character interviews and fact sheets.  Two of the characters, however, don’t have fact sheets or interviews. In the first draft, they were sort of my wild card characters, so I thought it would be a better move to keep them as such.

Technically, worldbuilding day. The worldbuilding got mixed in with plot stuff though, since I had to dig back into some of the world structure and facts.

I also wrote several pages of plot summary from which to outline the chapters, only to nearly reach the end and realize that a different storyline would work better. So I took the elements that I liked and that could stay and figured out where to work them into the next version.

Plotting supplies.

This was supposed to be playlist day. I reworked the plot, outlined the chapters, and scribbled some random worldbuilding facts down.

With pretty much all the housework done, and most of my major plotting finished for Capturing Freedom, it was a lazier day. So, I made a page for my playlist and worked on a blurb.

Overall, I think Novel Plot Week was a success. I finished major plotting and notes, so Capturing Freedom is prepped for NaNo, in case it’s the project I decide to write next month.

Next week, I’ll be focusing on Roguess


How is your NaNo prep going?


  1. Nice work! It's impressive you're getting this all done so fast—I have no such capabilities on my own right now. XD Keep at it!


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