While away at Camp...

As I mentioned before, I decided to work on a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, with a goal of 20,000 words. It was a challenge, in spite of trying to prep and outline and such. It was a fun challenge, though.

Yesterday, as the above photo indicates, I finished the first draft! It's definitely a first draft, with need for quite a bit of work, but I am proud that it is completed. And since I finished it ahead of schedule, I can take a slightly longer break from it before I begin revisions.
My biggest problem with it upfront is that it feels flat. Parts of it, anyway. (Although the above quote from my mom is one of my favorite bits of writing encouragement ever.)

I now have 20,134 words to consult and polish and rework (and trim), though, which is certainly better than nothing. :)


  1. That's wonderful that you finished the first draft!! And I LOVE what your mom said! So great!

  2. Congrats on reaching 20,000 words! I can't wait to hear about how you finish the project! (And also, your mom is awesome. That is all.)


    And I love that quote! That is truly a golden nugget of wisdom.



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