Revising A Novel Is Like Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse {A Post in GIFs}

There will be pep talks.

It can be a long and exhausting journey.

There's always that one plot twist you forgot about, which seems to come out of no where...

You find yourself questioning your decisions, and those of your characters.

You need people you trust to get you through the tough times.

Sometimes, you just have to cry.

And cry.

And maybe cry some more.

You may find yourself consuming unhealthy amounts of chocolate.

You (attempt to) adopt a new attitude for getting through the process, whether your characters like it or not.

And there will be more pep talks.

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  1. So true! Writing is hard and the amount of desiccation upon mind and body and soul is unbelievable! Thanks for sharing—it made me smile.

    1. Yes! Writing can be crazy hard sometimes (some projects much more so than others), but it's the challenge which makes completing each phase so rewarding. :)

  2. This is so true! Spot on really. =) Revising tends to be my favorite part, but it's so tedious. I love seeing the book come together slowly but surely until I run into a major problem, then I feel like screaming "run for the hills" and giving up. Then, you think you have it just right only to have something else, that should've been glaringly obvious, pointed out to you. The things we do to ourselves as writers... =)

    1. AGREED. Sometimes revisions are my favorites, but sometimes not. It really depends on the project. I've had some that were a blast to work on, and others where it didn't feel like I was making any progress at all. But I do love those revision moments where you figure out just what needs to be fixed and how to fix it, and it actually works out! :)

  3. LOLZY! Sooo true. All the crying. I want to cry just THINKING about revising, even before I'm doing it. This was perfect. XD

    1. Oh, yes. The wanting to cry usually comes when I get to those parts I really love but can't keep, or those parts that absolutely refuse to cooperate no matter how many times they've been rewritten and reworked. At which point I just stare at my WIP like "Why are you being so stubborn?" :)

  4. Lol, great post! And so totally true! :D



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