Unexpected Blogging Break

Well, maybe.

During the last week, my laptop decided to do some weird thing and is now not working. It’s been a long week of trying to figure out what is wrong with it, and attempting to fix it. On the bright side, I don’t think I lost too many files (currently, it looks like the loss may be limited to some pictures, a few thousand words in TAD2 and Red, and some formatting fixes for TAD). The downside, is I’m still not sure what the exact issue is. *sigh*

Anyway, I’m able to use my mom’s computer now and then, so I’ll try to pop in here a few times. I may just be slow in responding to comments and blog posts and things.


  1. Gah. I know exactly what you are experiencing as I just sent my laptop back to the manufacturer last week. So frustrating! Hope it's an easy fix!


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