September (so far.)

With the first full week of September over, I’m still having to glance at my calendar to make sure I have the right date in mind. My brain knows it’s September, but remembering the numbers which accompany the days is taking a little more time.

I’ve been rereading the Divergent series. I’m almost done with Insurgent, and my sister has borrowed my copy of Divergent to try reading the series.

Tolkien Week and Hobbit Day are approaching, and I’m brainstorming some blog post ideas for those. Is anyone else doing the same?

After finishing The Luckless Ones, I’ve resumed working on The King’s Messenger and TAD2. I cut about 1,000 words out TAD2 and scrapped some scenes, which meant I could make some progress on it. The scenes just weren’t working and I kept writing myself into a corner. This draft is just over the 29,000-word mark; hopefully, things will move a bit quicker from here.

I’ve also been doing some research for my NaNoWriMo project. It’s an idea I’ve had in my head since 2012, and I really want to draft it this year. It’s something I haven’t tried writing yet, and I’m really excited to give the story a shot.

Oh, and I finally put up some blurbs on my “writing” page. I opted to post the shorter versions of them, since I’m still working on the long ones. (The one for The Assassin’s Daughter is almost done, I think. As is the one for The King’s Messenger.) 


  1. That first picture is awesome! I love pictures of the sky. =) Your writing projects are very intriguing!!

    1. Thank you!
      The storm was too pretty to pass up getting pictures of it. :)

  2. Congrats on getting your blurbs written! I find blurbs intensely difficult...gah. Just condensing a book into just a few sentences? HARD. Those pictures are beautiful too! And I'm having trouble remember it's September...just because that means the year is nearly over. Woah. It's going way too fast.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

    1. Thanks! With blurbs, I'm always between the questions of whether there are too many details or not enough. It's rather frustrating.

      Definitely! Summer here was a blur...

      Thanks for stopping by!


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