If I Lived In Middle-Earth...

Honestly, I think it would be cool to be an Elf. Not only would you get to be graceful and wear pretty clothes, you get to carry some stinkin’ cool weaponry. 

Though I’ve not yet started working on it,
LOTR sparked my interest in archery.

But while I’m being honest, I don’t think I’d make a very good Elf.

I would, however, make an excellent Hobbit.

Check it out:
  • I’m short. Okay, so I’m technically taller than a Hobbit, but close enough, right?
  • I have big feet. If permitted, I usually don’t wear shoes. If I must wear shoes, then I tend to take them off as quickly as possible.
  • I love bright colors!
  • Gardening and cooking are not some of my strongest skills, but that doesn’t mean I love flowers and food any less!
  • Having a round door for my house would be really cool.
  • I love watching fireworks. 
  • I live a fairly peaceful life (though I must have a Tookish streak somewhere—an adventure could be fun. Dinner can be arranged around it so that one won’t be late.)

What do you think you would be if you lived in Middle-earth?

 ** Middle-Earth map image found via Google Images **


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