Farewell, October! | October 2022

Another month has passed! October is usually one of those months where I try to slow down and really enjoy the moments, but this October was a little bit chaotic in some ways, and really just seemed to pass in a blink.
The Archivist published at Havok Publishing!
It was so, so cool getting to see my story over there, and if you’ve read it, I hope it was just as much fun to read as it was to write!

How cool is this cover image??

Joining #FallFicFrenzy.

Christine is hosting this writing challenge (running from October 15th through November 15th), and I’ve been using the October portion to work one some TTS stuff and kickstarting a new idea that I’ll be focusing on in November.

The Whatsoever Cafe | Know the Novel: October 2022 | Cozy Autumn Favorites

My grandfather passed away.
I had several good visits with him before he passed. He was ready to go, and there’s been a lot of reminiscing with family over the past weeks.

Autumn happenings.
Shopping. Decorating for Halloween. Reading outside and drinking hot chocolate. Watching Halloween specials and baking shows and cozy autumn vlogs on YouTube. Walking through crunchy leaves. Dressing up as a Loki variant for an autumn dinner party. Taking silly ghost photos.

 How was your October? What are your favorite fall activities?