Snippets | April 2022

How’s your writing going lately? I am super behind my Camp NaNo goal but I don’t feel terrible about it, since I am still chipping away at this draft. I’ve also been working on some flash fiction!

     Kilam circled the table a second time, still without speaking, too aware of the four other people watching him.

     The memory of him ten years ago was faint, rewritten by the present and how much had changed in the span of time since then.

    You take a breath and open the exit hatch, and climb out into darkness. The starlight sky breaks above you in hazy colors, and for a moment, the only thing you know for sure is that you are only a tiny, small dot of a thing on this planet, in this galaxy.
    You shouldn’t be here. You never should have been here.
    But you have a mission, and you’re the only person who can see it through.

    A page rustled as he withdrew it from his waistcoat pocket and pushed it across the desk. Sketches of strangers looked up at them: a fair-haired girl and a boy with a sharp expression. Too young to be what they were, and yet still branded with the word treason under their names.