Farewell, April! | April 2022

April was a full and busy month! I’ve been enjoying the spring weather as much as possible (even though the pollen is everywhere and therefore, spring allergy season is also upon us). But it’s been a very nice month overall.

Camp NaNo.
I didn’t hit my word count, which is fine. I got through some significant story points and wrote some really tough scenes, so I’m still thinking of it as a win. :D

Mini road trip!
A somewhat spontaneous road trip to Tybee Island involved visiting the beach, climbing a lighthouse, and touring a Civil War-era fort. I’d been to Tybee and Fort Pulaski once before, way back in 2010, but it was neat to check out some of the walking trails I didn’t see then. I also took a copy of The Assassin’s Daughter along to put in a little community library box (which was kind of a fun scavenger hunt sort thing to add to the trip!).

Spending time outside.
Despite the pollen, it has been a nice month to be outside to watch meteor showers or just spend time with family.

How was your month?