The Windward King Cover Reveal!

I am so excited to share the cover reveal for K.T. Ivanrest’s upcoming fantasy novel, The Windward King

THIS. BOOK. I had the opportunity to read an earlier version of TWK and lemme tell you: it is AMAZING. The world, the characters, the plot—it's all so good. Have I already preordered the ebook? Yes. Am I going to be buying a print version too? ABSOLUTELY YES.

Now, who’s ready to see that stunning cover?

A B O U T   T H E   B O O K

He can change how he looks—but not who he is.

All his life, Shara has struggled to keep up with the rest of his shapeshifter clan. A poor shifter with little talent and even less confidence, he excels only at inadequacy.

When his determination to prove himself results in the brutal injury of a clanmate, Shara flees his home in shame. Taking refuge in the human capital city, he resolves to become as inconsequential as possible—until the prince regent is abducted days before his coronation and Shara is forced to take his place.

Thrust into a world of controlling advisors, scheming pirates, and calculating dignitaries, Shara fumbles through his royal duties. His next mistake could spell disaster for the entire kingdom, but he may also be the only person capable of seeing beyond old prejudices to the truth of the prince’s disappearance.

But if he’s going to stop a war, find the prince, and return to his life of invisibility, he’ll have to rely on the one person he knows for sure he can’t trust—himself.

If you’re looking for clean New Adult/Adult fantasy featuring tree-dragons (and squirrel-dragons!), shapeshifting, wonderful characters, and fantasy foods that sound absolutely amazing, you’re going to want to check out The Windward King when it releases on October 29th—and you can preorder the ebook right now for $1.99! Check out the links below to learn more about TWK, where to buy, and to sign up for an ARC!

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