Snippets | August 2021


Did I forget to schedule this post and only remembered it after 11:00PM tonight?

...yes. The answer is yes.

But despite that, I am happy to report that August has been a pretty good writing month, and I have snippets to share!

    “You should stop that,” Ed said.
    Kat sighed. “It’s difficult not to.”
    “You’ve spent the last two years worrying about things that can’t be changed, Kat.”
    “One of us has to.”
    “You think I haven’t?” He looked at her for a long moment. “We’re going to be all right, the two of us. I promise.”
    She wanted to believe him.

    Another sharp scoff, and Delest slumped back in his chair. “You and I both know the only way to end it is to tear it all down.”
    “I suppose that is what you tell your rebel friends?”

    Is this what you’re choosing for yourself? The old question rang in his thoughts as loudly as it had the day she had asked it of him. Is this the kind of life you would build for us?

    It had been Ed’s idea to explore some parts of the city and get a bearing of their surroundings. Always good to know your way out, he’d said as he’d tucked a knife into his boot and surveyed something through the single window of their room.


  1. I loved all of these. I caught a little flavor of the sources from just a few sentences. My favorite is "you and I both know the only way to end it is to tear it all down". Also Delest is a gorgeous name.


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