Farewell, August! | August 2021

August was a busy month, but it didn’t feel like it passed as quickly as other months have this year. I enjoyed a week of vacation—staycation, really—and also made some progress on some various goals (writing and otherwise). Here are some highlights from the month!

The Pursuit of Merriment reached 1,000 reads!
I never expected that, and I was super surprised to see that number!

My twenty-eighth birthday!
Being twenty-eight feels a little weird, and it’s taken me some time to get used to saying that’s my age instead of twenty-seven. (And I kind of miss being able to toss that one Pride & Prejudice quote into conversations at the opportune moment…)

I watched The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, wrote, caught up on some big housecleaning tasks, and did some shopping. I also spent some time just relaxing and being a little lazy, and it was nice.

Adopted a kitten.
While I had wanted to adopt another black cat someday, I hadn’t had any immediate plans to do so, but after some unexpected happenings, this little guy came along. His name is Ancalagon Nymbus!

How was your August? Are you going to miss summer or are you looking forward to autumn (or somewhere in the middle)? Tell me all the things!


  1. So glad to see your August was filled with many lovely things! A most HAPPY 28th birthday to you, dear friend!!! I hope your 28th year is a magical one.

    And EEP. THE KITTEH. He's so cute! *heart-eyes for days*

    August honestly just FLEW for me, but it was a really good one! I can't believe it's over though. o.o At the same time, that means FALL IS COMING. Which, if it's not obvious, I am quite excited for. XD


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