#AbouttheAuthorAugust 2021 Begins Today!

Since I already posted about #AbouttheAuthorAugust last month, I’ll keep this intro pretty short...

The challenge begins today (even though I'm not posting on Instagram until tomorrow to keep with my usual posting schedule there, I’ll still be checking out your posts today!), and can be joined on Instagram or on your blog—just add your posts to the linkup below!

Below, you’ll find the prompts, in photo and text form, and feel free to mix and match them however you wish!

T H E   P R O M P T S

Week One
Introduce yourself!
Three facts about your work-in-progress
Favorite genres to write/read?
Your writing space
A snippet of your writing

Week Two
Writing goals
Something you love about your main character(s)
Writing routine
A favorite writing tip
A snippet of your writing

Week Three
What inspires you?
A side character you love in your WIP
What are your hobbies?
Share your social media + book links
Goal check-in + a snippet of your writing


  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying this event so far! It has really reignited my interest in my wip. Thank you for sharing it :)


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