Snippets | May 2021

A significant portion of my May writing for The Treasonist’s Son was done in a notebook, and I haven’t yet gotten those scenes typed and put in proper order and added to the main document. Sooooo, instead, this month I’m mixing it up a little bit and sharing some snippets scattered across a few short story ideas I’ve been dabbling with!

    Irathan shrugged and poured tea. “I can’t say, considering I haven’t been down there myself, but I am not one to deal with impossibilities.”
    “You do like your facts.”
    Kat untied her hair ribbon and untwisted her braid, not quite looking at him.
    He was quiet for another long moment, then laughed. “Oh.”
    “You’re jealous.”
    “Jealous? Why the blazes would I be jealous?”
    Ed sat up and turned to face her. “That is a very good question.”
    “If you were anyone else,” Eravi said that evening, as he sat across from her at an outdoor bistro table overlooking the river, “I wouldn’t risk it.”

    He met her gaze again. “At least with training, we know what they’ve promised us once it’s over.”
    Status. Money. Authority. She wanted none of it—had needed none of it before.
    But for Ed…all of that was a way out of what he’d come from. A chance at a life that didn’t mean stealing and begging and never having enough. And who was she to ask him not to take that chance when it was offered to him?
    “You want me to save them?”
    “I want you to find them.”