3 Ways to Make Your Writing Time Extra Cozy

Cozy writing days are the best writing days, aren’t they? There’s something even more inspiring than usual about diving into your story while surrounded by all the ultimate cozy aesthetics.

Setting the right tone for my writing sessions has become a big part of how I get into the mindset and focus on my project. Whether I’m writing for half an hour or for most of the day, getting into the perfect mood and focus zone is key to making the most out of the time I have set aside for writing. Last month I posted a cozy Write with Me vlog on YouTube, but I thought it would be fun to make a companion blog post to go with it!

I have a few strands of string lights above my desk, and I love the glow they make around my writing space. (Really—just give me a bunch of fairy lights and I am a happy gal, hehe.)

A favorite candle or two is also really nice to have burning while I write, especially if there’s one that reminds me of the setting of the scenes I’m writing, or of the book in general.

Hot chocolate has been my favorite lately, but a pumpkin spice latte, peppermint tea, or apple cider are also favorites to have on hand while I write.

While I most often tend to write to a playlist inspired by my projects, lately I’ve been enjoying ambience tracks. These are a few favorites:

What does your ideal writing day look like?


  1. Aaaaahhh I LOVE this. I am 100% a believer in creating the prime writing environment. I rarely can just stop, drop, and write. XD I gotta prepare and get everything setup just right. Ambience videos have become a HUGE thing for me lately, and I'm so excited to see someone else talking about them! :D I've gotten where I put on an ambience video that fits the tone of whatever scene I'm working on up on my TV, and then just use my computer to play music (because the right music is also key for me). Having both those things really immerses me in the scene. ^_^

    I've been meaning to get fairy lights for AGES. Do you have a favorite type? I keep putting it off because there are so many to choose from and I never know where to start. But yes, I gotta get me some!

    And, of course, coffee is essential. ;D

    Thank you so much for sharing all this. Love these tips! <3

    1. Ooh, yes! It's rather lovely to have them going on a TV so that the whole room almost feels like the environment of the ambience video! It does help to have a routine to go through to get ready for writing, even if it's just for a few minutes here and there.

      Fairy lights are THE BEST. I tend to prefer to "warm white" color, though I do have a short strand of multicolor as well. My local Dollar Tree sometimes sells the shorter strands (something like 6 feet or so?), and I also bought some battery-operated ones at Big Lots around Christmas time that were 15 feet, I think. I recently bought a set from Amazon that are 33 feet, with a USB plugin and a remote for different light settings; I haven't used these yet, but am hoping to soon!


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