Snippets | February 2021


Writing has been going really well this week, though I’m still a little short of the goal I had set for myself for February. But I’ve gotten about 10,000 words of significant new material in for The Treasonist’s Son in an effort to fix the first act, which I’m pretty happy with, even though it is waaaay different than anything I’ve written for this book so far.

    The truth burned, but Ed said nothing to refute it.
    “And if they had given you any other assignment, I have no doubt you would have won their favor.”
    “Sorry to disappoint.”
    If she was going to escape, she would have to fight for herself.
    “Would you consider another path?”
    “I’ve been…busy since then.”
    “How many assignments?”
    Ed nodded. “And what am I? The fourth?”


  1. I'm so happy to hear writing has been going well for you! Congrats on all those words! Absolutely loved these snippets! <3


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