Farewell, February! | February 2021

We’re already two months in to 2021—can you believe it? It’s been a good month, really, and I’m excited about the promise of spring on the horizon, and the longer hours of daylight.

More progress with The Treasonist’s Son!

I’m almost through Act I, which feels like huge progress even though there is a lot left to revise. But, I’m still happy with that and it’s not too far behind where I wanted to be for the end of the month.

The Assassin’s Daughter turned four!

It’s hard to believe it’s been four years already. I had a lot of fun doing a Q&A livestream on Instagram to celebrate!



Light, Hope, & Adaptability: Reflecting on 2021 & Embracing 2021 by Christine Smith

A beautifully written post by Christine, full of wisdom and encouragement.

Sunny days!
We’ve had snow more often than usual, which was fun, but the first sunny, spring-like days have arrived and I am loving them. It’s been nice to trek outside with a book to read or some notebooks to scribble in, and just enjoy being outside in the warmth and sun.
And the sunshine is apparently also great for naps.


Watching WandaVision.
I’ve been watching it since it came out in January, and loving it! Honestly, it’s quickly becoming some of my favorite MCU material and I’m really enjoying the characters and the story and all the fun details. I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS.

I attempted a decluttering challenge this month, and even though I missed several days, I did make a lot of progress. A nice start to spring cleaning!
How was your February? Are you looking forward to spring, or are you going to miss winter? Are you watching WandaVision? Let’s chat!


  1. So glad you had a good month and writing is going well! And happy birthday to TDA!!!

    I am so honored to have my post linked. Awww, girl! Thank you!

    AND WANDAVISION YESSS. It's quickly becoming a favorite storyline in the MCU for me too! It is just SO. GOOD. I basically just spend my weeks waiting for Fridays. Lol. I can't believe we're almost to the end. *SOBS* I have so enjoyed it! But I'm ecstatic about the next shows coming, so at least we still have things to look forward to!

    Thanks for sharing your month with us. I do hope you have a most amazing March!


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