Redecorating My TBR Jar!

Last year was the first year I made a TBR Jar, and it proved to be a great motivator for finally getting to books that had been on my reading list for too long! I’m continuing the TBR Jar this year, starting with the titles and genres left over from last year, and some new ones I’ve added for 2021. I also wanted to redecorate the Jar for the new year.

S  U  P  P  L  I  E  S
A container (mine is a cookie tin!)
Paper (I used some blank pages from my reading journal)
Glue/double-sided tape
Washi tape

After peeling off the washi tape and paper I used to decorate the Jar the first time, I applied the paper to the jar using some really sticky double-sided tape and glue. The paper I used is pretty thick so I only needed one layer to cover up the design on the tin. I used some more of the paper and some washi tape to cover the lid.

I added washi tape at the bottom and top of the paper to cover up the messier edges. And then I added some book-themed stickers to the front of the Jar!

Do you use a TBR Jar? What are some titles or genres you’ve included?


  1. I LOVE your idea of a TBR jar. That really does sound like such a great motivator to read books you may otherwise not get around to. And oh my goodness, the design is so cute! I love it!


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