Farewell, December! | December 2020

It’s my last blog post of 2020! What a year, right? I have a lot of feelings on this year, because there were some pretty tough lows, but also some really great moments, just as every year has. But 2020 has definitely been really different than what I thought it would be, and as I’m reflecting on that today, it’s hard not to think about just how weird this year has been. 


Merry Little Moments on Wattpad.

Both the Christmas and New Year’s stories published this month, which completes this little collection. It was so much fun to revisit the TPOM characters! 



Oh, What Fun! Christmas Blog Party | 2020 Top Tens: Books


It was a very different Christmas than the previous ones—just me, my sister, and my parents. It started snowing on Christmas Eve, so we watched White Christmas, and then on Christmas morning we exchanged gifts and made snow cream and spent a lazy day at home. It was the first white Christmas we’ve had in years, so that was pretty cool! 


I read a lot more than I expected to this month, and after finished up some books I was still reading from November, I basically read all the Christmasy things. At the moment, I’m about halfway through a reread of Empire of Blood.

Are you ready for the new year? What was one of your favorite things from 2020?


  1. That is so thrilling you had a white Christmas! Awwww! Goes to show not EVERYTHING in 2020 was awful. ^_^

    Happy New Year, dearest Jameson! I do hope your 2021 is full of absolutely beautiful thing! <3

    1. It was a really fun surprise for the holiday, for sure! :D

      I hope you're having a lovely new year so far!


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