Snippets | October 2020

Writing has been going really well this month (mostly!), and though I am a little behind on my NaNo word count, I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve made. So far, I’ve completed two short stories and made huge progress on The Treasonist’s Son, and so this month’s snippets are from all three of those projects.

     “El, you’re being—”
    “I’m being what?” He appeared from behind one of the neatly ordered shelves, peering at her over a pair of gold-rimmed reading glasses. “Rude?”
    “I was going to say picky and impatient.”
    A wrinkle formed across his forehead, half hidden by a haphazard strand of long blond hair. “I’m sorry.”

     “What did she tell you?”
     “Nothing that is relevant to what you’re wanting to know.”
     “Everything is relevant.”

    Maybe the pie was a mistake.

    If she was going to be anxious and awake, she might as well be productive about it.

    “You’re bleeding.”
    “You think I don’t know that?”

    “Pumpkin pancakes,” Nash adds. “I could make those.”
    “I’m not sure that’s really appropriate, under the circumstances. But we’ll file that away for a Saturday experiment.”
     Nash seems satisfied. The ritual of Saturday morning pancakes is a very serious thing in this house.

    Ed slipped his arms around her and settled his chin on her head. “I’m going to be all right, and so are you, and things are going to be fine.”
    “You sound sure of that.”
    “Well, one of us needs to.”

    “It is perfect reading weather though,” she said.
    “A very good point.” He eyed his teacup, half-empty now. “Poetry pairs well with tea and rain…”
And an announcement: One of these stories is available to read on Wattpad now! The first short story in a sequel collection to my Christmas novella, The Pursuit of Merriment, was posted today, and you can find it here!


  1. I'm so happy to hear writing has been going well!!! And that is so fun you've been working on multiple things! :D Oh my goodness, all these snippets are DELICIOUS.

    "The ritual of Saturday morning pancakes is a very serious thing in this house." I WANT TO LIVE IN THIS HOUSEHOLD.

    This all just looks so fantastic! I do hope the rest of your November goes WONDERFULLY! Almost there! EEEEEE!!!!

    1. Thank you!

      YES. The pancake ritual is one of my favorite things from these characters :D

  2. I loved these snippets!!! ^_^ I'm so glad your writing has been going well! :D


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