Goodbye, November! | November 2020

November, as usual, was a very busy month. A lot of writing happened, which I’m happy about, and I’ve enjoyed this month’s happenings.

I did something I’ve never done before this NaNo, which was to count the words for more than one writing project. My primary focus was to keep pushing on with revisions of The Treasonist’s Son, and to finish a short story or two. I’m happy to report that both of those goals went well, and I also made it 50,000 words!

A new story on Wattpad.
One of the short stories I finished in November was a Thanksgiving story featuring the characters from The Pursuit of Merriment. This story was super fun to write (I always love revisiting the TPOM characters!), and I’m planning to post two more stories on Wattpad in December.

The whole series has a new look as well:

I made November cakes!
I’ve wanted to try making them for a while, and they were soooo good. Definitely a recipe I want to make again!

It’s been a while since there was snow in November here, so it’s always fun to see, even though it doesn’t stick around long.
How was your November? Did you participate in NaNoWriMo?


  1. YOU HIT 50K!!! AAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! SO MANY CONGRATS! I think that's SUPER fun you wrote multiple projects this year. I can imagine that helps, not having to just focus on one thing all month long. :D Also TPOM's new look is ADORABLE and I love it *heart-eyes*

    Congrats again! I do hope you have the BEST December! <3


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