Empire of Blood Blog Tour | Interview with Olivia Cornwell

Today, the lovely Olivia Cornwell is releasing her debut novel, Empire of Blood !
I am so excited to be interviewing Olivia here on Lovely Whatsoevers today! I met Olivia through my writing group in 2016 and have had the opportunity to read a couple earlier versions of Empire of Blood, and this story is such a great one. It has secrets and rebellions and family bonds and adventure—all the things you could want in a fantasy novel! Olivia has a real skill for crafting a world filled with characters you can’t help but love. (Except for Zal…)

A B O U T   E M P I R E   O F   B L O O D
Lilly Faine is tired of classmates dissing her family, and doesn’t care when she receives suspension for nearly punching the lights out of a classmate. Her father isn’t crazy, even if he does spout stories about a world full of magic, a cruel king who hunted him, and has a shattered amulet that tingles when Lilly touches it.

When an old enemy appears under Chicago’s beloved Bean, Lilly and her brother Gabriel are shoved into the impossible world their father believed in. Alone on opposite ends of a war, they race to rescue each other. Lilly finds aid and friendship in a band of rebels, but she is also hunted by the emperor’s personal assassin. Gabriel gains the help of the emperor, but Gabriel’s choices to do good may lead him into dark shadows he can’t find his way out of.

Magic thrums within their reach, promising aid, and Lilly and Gabriel both must decide if the magic they seek – and the causes for which they now fight – is worth the risk of their souls.

A B O U T   O L I V I A   C O R N W E L L
Olivia Cornwell is a storyteller with a love of dragons and magical worlds. She writes stories of hope and redemption and familial relationships, and far too many sarcastic characters. She writes to entertain her readers (and may or may not collect their tears along the way) and share the truth of her Creator. At least when she isn’t struggling to control her characters, drinking a lot of coffee, or hoarding chocolate.

She hides out in Ohio, and in her spare time Olivia cuddles her niece and nephews, and yowls back at her cat. She also enjoys adopting the characters from her friends’ novels and keeping them safe from their own dangers.


If you had to choose one character from Empire of Blood to convince readers to check out the book, who would you choose? How would they pitch it?
It took me a hot minute to think about this, but then when the answer came I don’t know why I had to think so long. xD

Rune Annor would be perfect for pitching EoB. He’d tell people it was a story of loss, but also bravery, and fighting for what you believe in. It’s a story of a girl who didn’t let the world scare her, and a boy who learns to stand for himself.

But Rune would make it sound super dramatic and intense, and probably throw in glimpses of battles. And also his woes of getting the girl out of bed in the morning.

What does your ideal writing day look like?
My ideal writing day is one where I don’t have any pressing adult tasks that need done. It would start early, because I tend to get some good words in then, and the rest of the day feels productive.

I wouldn’t be stuck on any plot snags, and I’m able to slide right into the scene and take off. The day will also include coffee, and a sweet treat of some kind.

What has been your favorite part of writing and publishing Empire of Blood? What aspect are you most excited to see readers’ reactions to?
My favorite part of writing EoB was whenever the scenes would just flow, and I didn’t have to wrangle the words into submission. That’s when I’d get most excited about the book. xD My favorite part of publishing has honestly been seeing it get formatted for digital and print formats. I found an amazing formatter, and she gave EoB bookish clothing suitable for publishing, and it’s been so cool seeing it look like a real book.

I’m most excited to see readers meet the characters, honestly. The cast have become like family to me. They’ve grown alongside me in some ways. I’m excited to see readers react to the main characters, to the Ghost (because I’ll be honest, he’s one of my favorites!), to all of the Annor brothers. And I wanna see how many people dislike Zal Ira as much as I do. xD

What is your favorite part of writing a fantasy novel?
Oh, man. Is “everything” an acceptable answer?

I’ve loved writing the characters. Even the difficult ones, because eventually I would figure out how they tick, and what motivated them. I’ve loved exploring their innermost selves, and understanding what they’ve gone through to get where they are.

I’ve also loved developing the magic system. It’s been a process, but I’ve enjoyed exploring it. Even the kind of last minute additions.

What is your biggest dream for Empire of Blood?

That it would reach people who really need it. People who see themselves in Lilly, or in Gabriel, and find strength in their journeys. Or even in the other characters, like Jek, or Mordir.

There’s also the dream cast list I have tucked away… just in case. ;)

Don’t forget to check out Olivia’s social media links for all the info about an Empire of Blood giveaway and how to get a really cool set of Empire of Blood character cards! Check out the rest of the tour below!

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