W E S T W A R D | Road Trip Diary [Part Three]

Picking up where the previous installment ended, the next few days of the road trip were full of new adventures!


Departure: Yellowstone (Wyoming)
Destination: Cody, Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park was the next stop on our list!

Departure: Cody, Wyoming
Destination: Hardin, Montana

We did some hiking at Bighorn National Forest during the morning, and most of the afternoon was spent on the road. 

One of my favorite parts of the entire trip happened on this day: We saw a moose!

Actually, we saw three. (But we only caught the one on camera!).

We had planned to tour Little Bighorn Battlefield, but the gates had closed shortly before we arrived. So, we decided to stay in Hardin, Montana for the night and visit the battlefield in the morning. It was a nice chance to take a break from being in the car and to chill for a little while at the motel.
Departure: Hardin, Montana
Destination: Rapid City, South Dakota

This day was so full of stuff. As planned, our first stop was Little Bighorn Battlefield. A very solemn place.

From there, we made our way to South Dakota! We had several places to visit here, with Deadwood being the first on the list. We toured part of Mt. Moriah Cemetery there.

After Deadwood, we went to the Crazy Horse Memorial. We spent a lot of time here exploring the museum—so many amazing artifacts and works of art!

Then, we went to Mt. Rushmore and arrived just a little before sunset. I confess: Seeing it in movies and shows, I had expected it to look bigger? 😅 Because it was getting dark, we viewed it from the platform and caught part of the evening program.

And then we stayed in Rapid City for the night. The next day included traveling in parts of four states!

T O   B E   C O N T I N U E D . . .


  1. I am just soaking up these pictures!!! Especially the mountain ones. *heart-eyes* Mountains are my FAVORITE! You guys visited such amazing places! I'm loving getting to experience your adventure with you via these posts! So glad you got to have such a fun journey!

    1. Mountains ♥ It was so amazing and kind of surreal to see places where there were none, when I've grown up surrounded by them!


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