Snippets | October 2020

My goal for October is to reach 40,000 words in my current document for The Treasonist’s Son, and if all goes well, I should hit that target just in time! Here are a few of my favorite snippets from the month!

    “We have a great deal to talk about, I think. If you’ll hear it.”
    “And if I won’t?”
    “That’s your choice to make, not mine.”
    A mask hid most of the woman’s face, and her cloak shadowed the rest. “Different uniform than the other guards,” she said, her tone light in spite of its edge. “Got a pretty title to go with it?”
    Surely he wouldn’t have risked being caught for her sake. Not here.
    There it was—the threatening hint of knowing something Ed did not. Even if the threat was nothing more than a barb to make him reveal more than he wanted, its sting made him want to run away or hit something.
    Any scrap of news was something, and having to wait through Itar’s dramatics was asking far too much of anyone, even in the best of circumstances.


  1. Congrats on making such great progress this month!!! :D So thrilling! And these snippets are just deliciously enticing. Absolutely love them!


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