Snippets | June 2020

Guess who forgot to schedule this month’s snippets post (again)? Oh well. I had it drafted so that counts for something, right? :D

This month, I’ve a few lines to share from Unto Ash and the Katira/Edellion short story I mentioned last month. I’m in this weird writing phase of not being able to focus on one writing project again, even though I’m trying, so it’s been helpful to jump between these two stories and write a little when I can.

And then there’s Camp NaNo approaching... O_O I’m planning to keep a small goal for July, probably 10K words for Unto Ash, for motivation.

Anyways—have some snippets!
    In his absence, he’d acquired two goblets and a short, round bottle, all of which he set on the table. “Before you ask, it isn’t poisoned and neither are the cups,” he said, handing one of the cups to her.
    “So we’re going to have a civil conversation.”
    “I propose we can try.” His gaze flicked down to her hands. “I’d have the manacles removed but I can’t honestly trust you not to attack me with one of my own pens.”
    “I thought you didn’t want to hear any excuses.”
    “I don’t, but I will listen to explanations.”
    She didn’t need to see his face to know who it was, but a spark of curiosity simmered under the heat of rage rushing through her. She’d changed in ten years. Maybe he had too.
    “You sound rather sure of that, but what about your people? Would they want to see in an alliance with me? Would they uphold the terms of any sort of peace bargain? I can’t tell you with any certainty that my people would. It would be a gamble for all involved.”
    “Everything has risks, my lady.”


  1. Oooooh, these snippets are so DYNAMIC. I mean, that first one! I can FEEL the sass. It's great! XD

    That's so exciting you're doing Camp NaNo. I hope it goes wonderfully!!!


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