Farewell, June! | June 2020

It’s officially summer and even though it has been several years since I was a student who got summer breaks, the shift in season still feels a little adventurous. (At least until the humidity and the heat settle in and I start daydreaming about autumn. *sigh* )
Little bits of progress.
It’s been a weird writing month in some ways. I’ve been hopping between projects because one day I’m able to focus on a story and then the next I can’t, and so I’ve been trying to just comply with where the inspiration hits rather than fight it. *chuckles nervously* So while writing hasn’t been consistent, there have been productive bursts.

Getting feedback on The Treasonist’s Son.
I’ve gotten notes back from some of my betas for TTS and they have sparked plenty of ideas to tackle some of the issues still going on in this book. I’m looking forward to making improvements with the next draft!

Betareading friends’ books.
In June I had the chance to betaread two novels—Empire of Blood by Olivia Cornwell and The Windward King by K.T. Ivanrest—and they were AMAZIIIIING. So good. You’re going to want them on your TBR lists, and I want them both on my bookshelves immediately.

My Journey with Hans Christian Andersen by Christine Smith
I’ve only read two of Andersen’s tales myself, but there are several on this list that I want to check out!
Starting a new TBR Jar book!
I finally finished rereading The Romanov Sisters (I chose it for the “biography” prompt). Next up from the Jar is A Night to Remember by Walter Lord. I’ve never read this one and it comes as  recommendation from my sister after many conversations about the sinking of Titanic. I’m liking this book so far.

Being in another for-fun history research mood.
History is one of my favorite things, and was always a favorite subject when I was in school, and now and then something will spark that interest and the next thing I know, I’m chasing down fun facts about a particular person or period. At the moment I’ve been listening to podcasts and documentaries about ancient Egypt and feeling a little nostalgic about all those Eyewitness books I used to get from the library on the subject. (Did anyone else have a favorite Eyewitness book???)

And that’s pretty much June’s highlights! How did writing and reading go for you? Are you enjoying summer so far?


  1. I, too, get that adventurous feeling with the change of season even though I don't have classes or anything either. Though yeeeeah, the humidity is NOT my favorite. >.>

    I feel you SO hard on the writing front. I keep having a hard time focusing as well, and then the occasional day I'm raring to go. I don't know, it's just a weird season. You're so wise to just go with the inspiration instead of fighting it. I need to do that more! Especially right now, because I think we all need to be a little more patient and kind with ourselves. But I'm glad things are going well with beta-reading. ^_^

    Aaahhhh, thank you for the shout-out to my post!

    Loved hearing about all the cool books you're reading and your fun history research! That's awesome you do that! Sounds like a blast. :D

    I do hope you have an absolutely AMAZING July! <3


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