Snippets | January 2020

It’s the first snippet post of the year! These snippets are from TAD2 and a short story I’ve been working on now and then.
    As long as no one questioned her false name or suspected her real identity, all was well.
    The tunnel continued on, a yawning stretch of darkness and stone walls covered in faded paintings.
    “I’ve only ever seen things like this in books,” Eravi whispered. “Even faded and worn away, they’re amazing.”
    “They are.”
    “I’m not planning an escape.” For one thing, she was completely on her own and escape plans were usually Ed’s area of expertise.
    Faintly, orb shapes of amber-yellow shone across from them. Slitted pupils watched their slow movements.


  1. I'm always excited to see peeks into TAD2! And that's so fun you're working on a short story on the side.

    These were fascinating! Tunnels with paintings and creepy eyes watching someone? Oooooh! Now I want more!

    1. Thank you so much! It's been fun to dabble in a shorter project!

  2. EEEEEEP!!! I've been so anticipating these posts! I'm so ready for TAD2!!! Love how vague & engaging these snippets are *drools hungrily for more*


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