Goodbye, January | January 2020

January has been a nice, slow month—not a bad way to start the new year! It’s been a good time for seeking out restfulness and easing into all the new goals and plans for the year.
My writing break ended.
For most of 2019, I was focusing on the same project nearly every day. So after finishing up a very long draft of TAD2 in October and then participating in NaNoWriMo, I took most of December and a part of January off from writing anything more than a few scribbles. When I started writing again this month, I felt creatively recharged and ready to tackle all the words!

Rewriting the opening of TAD2.
The opening of this book is hard to get right, so I started over and am now in the part of revisions where I can blend this new material with the material from the previous draft. I’m hopeful it’s not a disaster. ;D

Speaking of TAD

Next month is the book birthday of The Assassin’s Daughter and I’m really excited to announce the plans for celebrating that! For now, here’s the graphic for the photo challenge:


I forgot to compile a list this month (oops), so feel free to drop a link in  the comments to your favorite blog posts from your blog or others from this month!
So much reading.
I revisited some old favorites—The Great Gatsby and Anne of Green Gables—and a few new titles as well. Being on a writing break meant tons of reading time. Definitely putting that reading journal to good use, hehe!

Time spent with family.
From day trips to Cades Cove with my mom and sister, to family dinners, to weekend road trips, there was a lot of time spent with family this month, which is always lovely.
How was your January? Any new goals or fun plans for the year? Books or movies you’re looking forward to? Tell me about them in the comments!


  1. Love these posts! Your January sounded like a great month---perfect start to a new year! I'm so excited for the photo challenge! I'm going to do my best to join in. *^ - ^*

    I started Anne of Green Gables sometime last year, but got so busy with other things I nearly forgot about it *facepalm* Hoping to finish it (& The Silmarillion *another facepalm*) very soon!

    I LOVE Cades Cove! But it's been ages since I've been. I need to plan a trip this year. Maybe one day our families could meet up there...?? ;D

    Happy February, girl! I hope it's a FANTABULOUS one! So looking forward to more updates about TAD2 also! Keep on keeping on!!! <333

    1. January was definitely a good month. :)

      Anne of Green Gables is one of my all-time favorites. The rest of the series is pretty good too, but I like that one best. ^_^ I am sooooo overdue a reread on The Silmarillion though! I think I was probably 14 or 15 the last time I read it??? So yeah. It's been a while. Hehe.

      It's soooo beautiful there! We used to go camping there every year but haven't had the chance to in a long time, but it's a lovely place. Oh my goodness, that would be SO COOL!

      I'm really looking forward to being able to (hopefully) have more TAD2 news to share in the near future. ;D Have a great February!


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