New Year, New Goals | 2019 Goal Update + 2020 Goals

I don’t remember exactly when I started doing yearly goals, but it’s one of my favorite parts of celebrating the beginning of the new year. I usually start thinking of potential goals in December, but I don’t start praying about and sorting through goals until toward the end of December, after Christmas and during that weird week between holidays. (It’s a good time for reflection!)
While I didn’t meet all of my 2019 goals, I am pretty pleased with the progress I made.

2 0 1 9   G O A L S

Read Bible 360/365 days.
COMPLETE. This year, I tracked my Bible reading in my study journals. I’d make a page for each month where I could write down the the scripture I read each day. I’m a little disappointed that I missed one day out of the whole year, but I still met my goal and I feel like it was a steady year of learning though.

Publish TAD2.
INCOMPLETE. It took me a while to find a good writing groove this year, and while it was a good year for working on a really rough 1.5 drafts, it just wasn’t the year this was ready for publication.

Finish one first draft of a novel.
COMPLETE. Thank you, The Unlikely Adventure of Felix McKay!

Read sixty books.
COMPLETE. I believe the final total according to Goodreads was seventy-three?

Watch Avengers: Endgame in theaters.
COMPLETE. I was able to watch it in theaters twice!

Blog three times each month.
COMPLETE. March had the most blog posts (seven total), while each month had at least three. For the entire year, there were fifty-one blog posts on Lovely Whatsoevers!

Exercise twice each week.
INCOMPLETE. Sometimes I did well, and other times I did not. I really faltered in November and December with this, due to being sick and generally feeling pretty blah.

Finish a short story/novella.
COMPLETE. I wrote a few bits of short fiction this year. I shared some on my blog, and also submitted a flash fiction piece for publication (though it was rejected). It was a good year for getting into short fiction again!

Stop biting nails again.
COMPLETE. It’s one of my worst anxiety habits but I’m happy to have broken it again.
2 0 2 0   G O A L S

Read Bible 360/366 days.
For Christmas, my parents gave me a faith Happy Planner and I really love it. I’ll be tracking my daily Bible reading there instead of in my study/church journal.

Memorize six verses.
I used to memorize Bible verses all the time for school and youth group, and I’d like to get back in the habit.

Finish one novel revision.
Ideally, I’ll be able to work on more than one novel this year, but I definitely want to complete one revision. And last year reminded me that sometimes those don’t go quickly!

Write and submit two short stories/flash fictions.
I had so much fun writing shorter stories in 2019, so I want to do more of that in 2020 and submit more of them too.

Blog three times each month.
This still proved a challenge sometimes to complete in 2019, so I really want to work on this more in 2020.

Journal four times each month.
I’ve never really had a weekly journaling routine, but I would like to work toward one.

Read fifty books.
Just challenging enough, but without being overwhelming. I’m hoping to read a lot of new titles this year as well.

Prep TAD2 for publication.
Even if  don’t make it to the final publishing stages this year, I have so many things I want to accomplish for this project and I really want to accomplish them in 2020!

Unplug more often.
Between writing, blogging, and just scrolling through my phone, I spend a lot of time looking at screens. I’d like to spend more time away from screens this year and be more efficient with the time I do spend looking at them.
What are your goals for 2020?


  1. You got so much done in 2019!!! Congrats on all your accomplishments!

    Your goals for this year look so great. So many of those are the very things I want to accomplish too! Like completing a novel revision, write and submit some short fiction, read about 50 books, and unplug more. :D TWINS.

    I do hope your 2020 is an absolutely wonderful year! <3

    1. Thanks!

      *high fives* GOAL TWINS! In 2019, I ended up having to change so much of my writing habits and routine, which I think worked out for the better in the end so I'm planning to carry on in about the same fashion, but I don't think I could handle the pressure of trying to tackle a ton of huge projects again this year. *chuckles nervously* So I guess 2020 is more about sticking to habits and working out refining the new routines for everything a little more?

      Hope your new year is off to a great start!

  2. These are such good goals!! I'm glad you had a really good 2019, and best of luck with your goals in 2020! We have a lot of similar goals, like your Bible memory goal and the journaling goal. :)

    Happy 2020!
    Hanne ||


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