Snippets | July 2019

This month’s batch of snippets comes from TAD2 and Trace! The latter project is my Camp NaNo project, which is so, so far behind it’s not even funny (but I have most of the new outline done and tons of plot notes since this is Trace’s third draft, so not a total loss!). If you’re doing Camp NaNo, how is it going for you?
    “Ed. Tell me who it was.” Ice crept through her veins.
    “It could have been anyone, Kat.”
    But it wasn’t just anyone. He wouldn’t hide it from her if he believed the words.
    A creaking step announces the arrival of someone at the back door. At this hour, the only reason anyone would come a-visiting would be for the delivery of ill news or some such thing worthy of haste. No one can be up to any good at midnight, as my parents would say, and if I weren’t the one burrowed under quilts to ward off the cold of January, they might even be saying such words about me.
    She could see red. Only red. So much of it, dripping from her fingers.
    Sometimes, she liked to think her rush to the register was more of a graceful glide, but today she wasn’t up for letting her imagination play. She was much too tired for that.
    The crowded busyness of a street humming with rumors had done little to silence the questions so insistent on humming around in his own head.


  1. The first snippet gave me CHILLS. And makes me so curious what is going on! And the third one two. Oh my gracious. o.o

    I also LOVE the distinct voice in the second snippet. So much character!

    These were great!


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