July Happenings | July 2019

July was a whirlwind of a month, with family gatherings and traveling and a fair amount of writing in between. The month definitely followed in June’s footsteps when it came to busyness!
Attempted Camp NaNo…and failed.
Which is totally fine. I still managed to finish new character notes for Trace, along with most of a new outline and notes for new plot additions, so I’m happy.


I’ve enjoyed the first two books in this trilogy, so I’m super intrigued by the blurb and eager to see how the series ends!
At the moment, I’m a couple books behind on the Afterverse series as a whole, but it’s Malcom Blackfire so I kind of need this book immediately.
I’m going to have another nephew!
He’s due to arrive in November, and I am excited.

Watched The Lion King.
The Lion King was my favorite Disney movie when I was a kid (and it is still very much a favorite), so I was hesitant about this version. I fell in love with this version from the first sixty seconds (even though the animated one is still my favorite version). It was a visual delight and solid storytelling, and I could have cried looking at Mufasa.

Went to a Bigfoot conference.
Bigfoot is one of my favorite legends/cryptids, so when my mom was telling me about this new conference, we started making plans to go. It was a really fun way to spend a Saturday, and my mom, sister, and I enjoyed spending the day at this event. (And there may be a short blog post on LW about the conference next month… we’ll see.)
What were your favorite adventures from July?


  1. That's so interesting that you went to a Bigfoot conference: I didn't even know such things existed! How funny! I'd love to hear more about it!

    Happy August!
    Hanne || losingthebusyness.wordpress.com


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