2019 Planner Tour

I’ve been keeping a planner for a few years now, and it’s been so helpful in regards to learning and practicing better time management skills. And there’s just something exciting about choosing the right planner and filling it with goals and tasks and things. (At least, I think it’s exciting, hehe.) Last year, I had fun making a planner tour post, so thought it would be cool to do another one this year as I switch planners.

My new planner is an 18-month design from The Happy Planner brand. My mom introduced me to it, and I really liked the idea of being able to remove and add pages to customize the planner however I want, which is why I decided to give this one a try. I love the outdoorsy/adventure theme of this planner’s design!

At the beginning of each month, there’s an overview page with a place to write three main goals, a section for important dates, and a dot grid section for notes. (For July, I’ve added a “birthdays” tracker in the notes section.) Each month also has a full calendar view.

I prefer horizontal layouts for weekly planning. At the end of each week, there is another dot grid section for that week’s top priorities.

When I bought the planner, I also bought a pack of pre-punched dot grid paper for it. I’ve mentioned before that I love the idea of bullet journals, but never can seem to focus enough to make the monthly and weekly portions of one. Since those are already taken care of in the planner, I can use the extra pages to add the fun stuff that I like about bullet journals!

I started keeping a yearly goals list in my planner in 2017 and it makes it so much easier to track them!

My previous planner’s overview page had a separate section for a to-do list, which is where I also tracked budget-y things. I made a similar tracker and placed it in the overview section of the month.

I'm going to try keeping quotes and things on the back side of the to-do list page.

I still have a few items to add to the calendar view. I loved decorating this section!

The calendar boxes are roomy enough for decorating, so I added stickers.
Another difference between this planner and my previous one is the page thickness. This planner’s pages are almost like cardstock, so I’m changing up my color-coding for weekly tasks a little bit since I can use different pens and markers.

I’m planning to add more pages for different kinds of trackers later on.
And there you have it—my 2019/2020 planner setup! Do you keep a planner or bullet journal? What are your favorite tips and tricks?

(This was a not a sponsored post or anything like that, by the way. Just me rambling about planners! ;D )


  1. Ooo, I love your planner! It’s so different and unique from what I usually see in the planner world. :)

    1. Thanks! It took a little while to figure out a system I liked, but it suits my needs and is fun. ^_^


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