Snippets | January 2019

The current draft of Unto Ash is moving along at a fairly steady pace and the end is creeping ever closer. Of course, it was difficult to find interesting snippets that aren’t too spoilery, but here are a few favorites!
  The lantern cast warm light into the cold, gray shadows of the room. Aveirna couldn’t make herself go to the window and pull aside the drapes to let in the sun.
  “I’m also not a monarch.”
  “Maybe you should’ve been.” He shrugged out of her grasp and walked into the study. “Which is why, should anything happen to me, I want you to take my place.”
  “You’re making a good show of trying,” the man said, tilting the pipe to inspect it. Scratches showed the edges and wear of the thing, chipped into the sides over time. “I’ll be sure the master knows that—”
  Fire cracked across Tealdyn’s knuckles.
  The pipe tumbled and stuck in the slush at the man’s feet, surrounded by vivid droplets of red.
  “You have until sunset to leave,” Tealdyn repeated, striding back toward his horse. “And be sure to tell your master if he has a complaint with how I oversee my kingdom, he knows where to find me.”
  Familiar songs swirled in the air around her, accented with the sounds of steps and rustling fabric and laughter. Colors danced in the dizzying swirls of skirts and coattails. Light glinted off of polished boots skimming the surface of a mirror-like floor.
  Something washed over his expression—a brokenness she recognized too well from her own reflection—but it was gone as quickly as it appeared. “Why are you still here?”


  1. Aaahhhhhh these are all so BEAUTIFUL!!! You have SUCH a gorgeous writing voice. I just want to eat these words they're so delicious! And this story sounds so, so intriguing! I hope writing the rest of it goes amazingly. Thank you for sharing! ^_^


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