2019 Goals

Last year when I was compiling a blog post about goals for the new year, I was remarking on how cold the weather was. That is not the case today! (It’s a bit cool, yes, but overall the day has been mild and pretty.)

But if you’ve clicked through to read a post about New Year’s goals, you probably weren’t looking for a weather update—so onward to the goals we go! ;D

Honestly, 2018 was not my best year when it comes to completing goals, but while I wish I’d accomplished more, I’m also happy with the progress made.
2 0 1 8  G O A L S
Read Bible (360/365): Completed! Near the beginning of each month, I made a reading tracker in my study journals and wrote down what I read. According to these trackers, I read 363 days of 365!

Develop/stick to a consistent exercise plan: Still a work-in-progress, though I did manage to be pretty consistent over the course of summer and autumn. While I haven’t lost as much weight as I wanted to according to scales, I did lose a few inches and noticed a change in my overall fitness level!

Fill a journal: SO CLOSE. I expect to fill the last pages of my current journal by the end of January or February.

Read 50 books: Completed! According to Goodreads, I completed a total of 86 books.

Break nail-biting habit again: Sometimes I did well, sometimes I didn’t.

Improve financial skills: Another one still in-progress. I still have a lot to work toward.

Embroider a tree skirt: Incomplete. I purchased the items and practiced my stitching, but ultimately did not complete the actual tree skirt.

Publish TAD2: This was one of the goals I most wanted to achieve in 2018, but unfortunately did not. While I’m disappointed, I am thankful for the progress made so far, even if it wasn’t publishable. I’d rather release a sequel that’s ready than one that isn’t though, so I’m okay with not finishing the goal.

Finish two first drafts: Incomplete. I started new first drafts and neared the endings, but haven’t met this goal.

Finish two revisions: Also incomplete. I finished one full revision of TAD2, but other revisions were only partial or not yet complete.

Blog three times each month: Completed! Some months had more than three posts, but all had at least three!

Improve marketing skills: In-progress? I’m no expert, but I did pick up some interesting information about marketing and things like that over the course of the year, and made progress on developing a better marketing plan.
2 0 1 9  G O A L S
Read Bible 360/365 days:  A repeat goal, but still challenging.

Publish TAD2: Let’s roll into 2019 with high hopes, shall we?

Finish one first draft of a novel: I don’t have any exact project in mind yet, but I look forward to it anyway.

Finish one revision draft of a novel: Looking at you, TAD2.

Read 60 books: I haven’t read as much in the new year as I usually do, so this one may prove more challenging than I first thought…

Watch Avengers: Endgame in theaters: As with Infinity War, I am both excited and worried about what’s going to happen but I also really want to see it unfold on the big screen.

Blog three times each month: This was a challenging number in 2018, so I’m sticking with it in 2019.

Exercise twice each week: I’d like to do more than that, but two is a good minimum.

Finish a short story/novella: Not sure what the story or novella will be, but I have a few ideas I’d like to work on.

Journal three times each month: I want to get back to a better journaling habit, and three times a month seems a good place to start.

Stop biting nails again: It’s a bad anxiety habit that I really need to break.
Are you making any goals for the new year? Planning any adventures for 2019?


  1. You SHOULD be happy with the progress you made last year. It looks to me like you got a ton done! And I think it's great you're giving TAD2 the time it needs instead of rushing it. That's admirable! And I know it's gonna be worth the wait! :D

    Your goals for this year looks fantastic. I do hope it proves to be an AMAZING year for you! I'm cheering you on all the way. ^_^

  2. Well done on accomplishing your 2018 goals! And even if you didn't complete some of them, you still put in the effort and that certainly counts!

    I love that watching the newest Avengers is on your goal list for this year! xD Total thumbs up to that. It's definitely on my to-be-watched list as well! I agree with your mixed feelings... so anxious!

    Journaling is something I want to do more of as well! Dunno why it's so difficult for me to keep up... I've started a bullet journal for this year, so we'll see how that goes. :]

    Happy New Year, dear Jameson!


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