Beginning | January 2019

At times, January felt like it rushed ahead to the future at full speed, but the last few days have been restful and slower, which I’ve appreciated. It’s given plenty of time to figure out some things I want to work on in the coming months and still try to enjoy each moment.
Almost finished Unto Ash.
I’m in the last chapters now, but unfortunately a couple sick days slowed progress down. I’m hoping to finish this one within the next week or so.

A great reminder about the importance of rest in a busy season!

Super relatable post, along with some cool resources!

This Instagram challenges look super fun, so I’m hoping to join a few of the prompts!

I will probably be featuring TAD2 for this, so my apologies for any story-related dust bunnies that may be set loose.
Went ice skating!
Ice skating is something I’ve wanted to do for years, and so when I heard my sister also wanted to give it a try, we spent a few hours one Saturday at a local outdoor skating rink. It was a bit of a challenge, but I only fell one time during the whole venture and had a lot of fun trying something new! I definitely want to go again sometime.

Rewatched Forever.
It’s been years since I last watched this (and I’m still a little bitter about it only having ONE SEASON), but after finding it on a streaming app, I had to give this one a rewatch. Just as entertaining and twisty as remembered, though I still have so many questions.

Lots of reading.
Mostly, I’ve been working my way through the Mitford series again. It’s been about ten years since I last read the series, and though my emotions apparently have not fully recovered from that venture to the fictional small town, I’ve enjoyed curling up with these books on cold, winter days.

Monday’s snow arrival was soooo pretty. So I ventured away from writing about snowy landscapes to actually walk through the stuff myself. ^_^

How was your January? Any exciting happenings? Fun plans or goals for the new year? Let’s chat!


  1. January was kind of a weird super fast yet slow and steady month for me too! I don't even know. But I AM in shock it's February now. Just HOW???

    I'm sorry you got sick! D: Ugh. That's the worst. But how exciting you're almost finished with Unto Ash! EEEE!!! I hope finishing goes amazingly!

    Oh my goodness, you are so precious to share my post. Thank you! <333

    How fun you went ice skating! I've only been a few times myself and I'm so bad at it. XD But it is a blast! And yay for snow and reading! Sounds like a lovely January all around. I do hope February treats you wonderfully! <3


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