Oh, What Fun! Christmas Blog Party | December 2018

It’s probably not a secret that the holidays are one of my favorite times of year. When the calendar flips over to December, I pretty much turn into Buddy the Elf for the next twenty-five days.

And Lovely Whatsoevers is no exception. Today, I’m talking all things holiday with the Oh, What Fun! linkup. (Don’t forget: you can join the party here!)
What marks the “official” start of the holiday season for you? What’s your favorite holiday? (It doesn’t have to be one from the “holiday season”)
There’s something in the air around the beginning of November that changes. Usually, that’s when the cooler weather shows up where I live, and Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations start popping up over town and in stores, and I start thinking of holiday plans.

Christmas is definitely my favorite, for a few reasons. Mostly, though, I enjoy the coziness of this time of year and the shimmering lights and ornaments and the excitement of looking forward to the holiday and its traditions.

Opening presents: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? (Bonus: Do you like wrapping presents or dislike the task?)
Christmas Day! When I was younger, we never opened Christmas presents on Christmas Eve (except for something small related to our “Twelve Days of Christmas” tradition), though there have been times that changed as family has grown and changed over time. Christmas Day is still my favorite time to open presents though.

I love wrapping presents and trying to make them look pretty, though the success of those ventures varies. ;D

What is your favorite part of the holidays?
All of it! There are so many things that happen during the holidays that don’t happen any other time of year, and I love looking forward to the traditions and events and making new memories each year with the people I love.

Decorating: Keep it simple or make it extravagant? When do you decorate? Do you have any favorite decorations or ornaments?
I like being able to decorate simply—but it’s also super fun to decorate all the things in holiday colors and wintry d├ęcor. I’m also a fan of having Christmas lights all over the place, when possible.

Me, when it’s time for Christmas lights.

I enjoy Thanksgiving and the last of the autumn-themed colors and decorations, so I don’t usually decorate until that night or later. This year, some of my favorite decorations are a moose figurine my mom gave me, along with the letterboard on my desk.

Some friendly controversy: When is it appropriate to listen to Christmas music? (Feel free to share some of your favorite holiday tunes!)
There is no inappropriate time of year to listen to Christmas music.
This is a playlist of a few favorites: 

Favorite holiday flavor/scent (peppermint, sugar cookie, cinnamon, etc.)?
Peppermint, candy canes, and the smell of cookies baking.

Do you make any special treats for the holidays? What are your favorites to make? Favorites to eat?
Cookies are a go-to (usually of the sugar variety), and I also make fudge with my grandfather. Last year, I attempted homemade bonbons for the first time and really liked how those turned out, so I plan to try them again this year.

And I pretty much enjoy eating all of those things too.

What is your can’t-miss Christmas special, movie, or book?
I have a few: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, and The Year Without a Santa Claus are usually the specials I try to catch at least once. A few other holiday movies I like to watch this time of year are While You Were Sleeping, Christmas with the Kranks, and a variety of fluffy Hallmark ones.
On the reading front, my mom and I usually buddy-read A Christmas Carol.

Share a favorite holiday tradition.
Probably decorating the tree while listening to Christmas music or watching a favorite Christmas movie. And most years, on Christmas Eve, my siblings all come home for Christmas and we play games and watch movies and try to guess what’s under the tree.
What are your favorite holiday traditions? Are you joining the blog party?