Two | February 2018

I realized about two days after posting that I had labeled my January recap post as “Hello, January” when “Goodbye” might have been a better term, but by then I figured I’d just let it stand. (Not everything about blogging has to be perfect, right?)

February turned out to be a mix of summer and winter days, which was an interesting contrast to have this early in the year. While there were some unexpected troublesome things, overall it was a good month.
Continued work on TAD2.
I’m disappointed not to have this draft done yet, and I’ll admit writing often was a struggle that fell by the wayside during February’s really tough days. A few big chapters were finally completed and plot troubles worked through, so not all hope is lost. :)
Blogging looked a little different this month than usual, but I had fun sharing some behind-the-scenes stuff for TAD and working on the vlog.


I didn’t do as much blog-visiting as I’d hoped to in February, but here are a couple that stood out this month!

Several points made throughout this post are along the lines of things I’ve been mulling over, and I really enjoyed reading Nadine’s perspective.

One of the most fun things about being a fiction fan is that you get to watch characters fall in love, right? Christine’s list includes several of my own favorite types of ships and is a really fun read.
Watching the Olympics.
I am not a sports person, and I usually don’t watch the Olympics but this year I got sucked into watching the figure skating competitions. I know nothing about the sport beyond that it was fun to watch and I’m amazed at how people can make those tricks and routines look easy.

A surprise cake for TAD!
My mom threw a little cake-and-ice cream party one Saturday, which was a fun surprise. ^_^

I have an auntie name!
My nephew is really starting to talk now, which is fun to watch and listen to. I’ve been waiting to find out what my auntie name was going to be and honestly I’m a bit surprised at what it seems my name is: Nana.

Not sure how that’s the one he chose, but Aunt Nana, apparently, I am. ^_^
How was your February? Any fun adventures? Writing accomplishments? Did you watch the Olympics? Let’s chat in the comments!


  1. I so enjoyed all the TAD celebrations you did in February. And that is the SWEETEST that your mom got you a TAD bday cake. SO PRECIOUS! <333 Nothing like the support of family. ^_^

    And AWK. Thank you for the shoutout! I'm so honored. I really enjoyed that post and it thrills me others did as well.

    I do hope your March will be an absolutely magical one! <3

  2. Welcome to March at last! I'm so hoping that with it comes the warmer, Spring weather! Lovely post, as usual! The cake looks AMAZING!!! And congrats on the progress for TAD2. I'm positive it'll all be worth the effort in the end - and I can't wait for the second installment! How sweet that you have an auntie name. "Nana" is rather unusual for an aunt, but I think that makes it even cuter. ^_^ Happy March to you, girlie!! :D


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