The Writer’s Halloween Tag

I was tagged by Shay from Shay Writes for the Writer’s Halloween Tag! For the WIP portion of the tag, I’ll be using my NaNo project, Spinner & Kidd (which still does not have a new title). Onward to the questions!

Are you a scaredy cat or a horror aficionado?
I’m not really either? I don’t scare too easily, but I’m also not a huge fan of being scared.

Would you ever consider writing a horror novel?
Horror’s never really been my genre, though out of all my WIPs, Tolling Bells is closest, since it does have some Frankenstein inspiration going on.

What is the favorite bookish Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?
I’ve never had an “official” bookish costume, but I have had costumes that looked like Eowyn’s white dress and a Hobbit dress.

What is the best bookish costume you’ve seen someone else wear?
For most of my life, I was the bookish person in my groups of friends, so any bookish costumes were usually mine. I was the weird bookworm kid and proud. ;D

What literary villain is your favorite?
SO MANY. But let’s go with a dragon and say Smaug, since he’s the first one coming to mind.

Will you be visiting a haunted house this year?
No, but the question does remind me of the last(?) time I went in one…

When I was little, the county fair had a “haunted” house—it was like the fun houses, but with creepy-themed decor and very little light. My brothers and I decided we were going to brave it, so we joined the line of older kids and waited. The most memorable thing about the experience is that somehow everyone got stuck in this one tight hallway and couldn’t find a way out, so the entire group departed the structure in a screaming horde. (Okay, so it was, like, a dozen or so people but for a shy little kid, it might as well have been a horde.)

Come to think of it, that may have been the last year the fair featured the haunted house…

Would you rather go to a Halloween party or go Trick-or-Treating?

I’d choose the party. When I was a teen, my family hosted one and we ended up going around the neighborhood to go trick-or-treating anyway because the younger kids wanted to go and the older ones decided, “Why not?”

The funniest part was accidentally scaring a neighbor, because she thought we were a group of zombies. (Only half of us were even in costume, and none of them were close to anything undead.)

What’s the best Halloween song?
“This Is Halloween” is always the first that comes to mind, or “The Monster Mash.”

What scares you the most about the writing process?
Revising is usually a scary process because I spend a lot of time second-guessing and wondering if I’m making things worse instead of better. And waiting for feedback can be scary too.

Monster mash – if you had to say your antagonist was a mix of two traditional monsters what would those be?
Ooooh. He’s as dangerous as he is smart, so I think a vampire and the Creature from Frankenstein would be an accurate mix.

Would your MC be more scared of being left alone in a dark forest or an abandoned castle?
Abigail would be wary of the castle and what secrets might be hiding in its walls.

Marcus, on the other hand, would hate being left alone in a dark forest, because he doesn’t like not being able to see what dangers are around him.

Does anyone in your WIP believe in ghosts?
Not in the literal sense, but definitely in the “past can haunt you” kind of way.

Which character would last the longest in a scary movie?
Probably Donnie. He’d be the one questioning all the bad decisions and trying to be reasonable and saying there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Good witch or a bad witch – do you enjoy torturing the characters in your WIP or do you feel bad about it?
I totally feel bad about it. I’ve been known to procrastinate on writing character deaths or scenes where really tough stuff happens to my characters—sometimes for days.

Pick a love interest from your WIP; would they be most likely to scream like a little kid or punch someone in the face if they were scared abruptly?
Oh goodness. He’s likely to do both, depending on the situation!

This was such a fun tag! Feel free to answer the questions on your own blog, or pick a couple of questions and respond in the comments below!


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