Little Moments

Watching the sunrise.
Listening to music on repeat.
Going to a corn maze.
Marking to-do list items in green.
Wearing fuzzy socks.
Surprising family with a visit and lunch.
Trying to snap the perfect picture of your pets.
Late-night conversations.
Wearing flannel shirts.
Driving to the perfect playlist.
Days when your hair looks nice.
Listening to your nephew laugh.
Eating pumpkin bread.
Rereading books you love.
Leaves crunching under your shoes.
Catching mostly green lights on your way home from work.
Daydreaming about new story ideas.
Gathering around the fire pit.


  1. This whole post just made me happy! <333

  2. Pumpkin bread and corn mazes = the best October has to offer! This is literally one of my favorite months. Sweet photos!


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