Novel Plot Week | October 2017 Goals

It’s October (for a few more days, anyway), which means it’s time for NaNo prep! I’m gearing up to plot this year’s project, and I’ll be doing Novel Plot Week.

Generally, I am a plantser. I like having ideas for what a story could be scribbled down, but the truth is, I find out more while writing the first draft than I might discover during prewriting. It’s not always the most efficient way to write, perhaps, but it’s what usually works for me. With this in mind, I still hope to create a decent amount of material to pull from during the tougher parts of NaNo.

NaNo plotting: I hath it. Maybe.

Here’s what my schedule looks like this year:
Monday: Characters
Tuesday: Plot
Wednesday: Setting/Worldbuilding
Thursday: Research
Friday: Miscellaneous (playlist, additional plotting, research, etc.)
How do you prepare to write a new project? If you’re participating in NaNo, how are you preparing?


  1. Woot! Go, Jameson!

    I've just about finished up my outline for my NaNo novel, which is a huge relief. It's been quite an undertaking! I maaay plot a little TOO thoroughly. XD It's funny, I used to be a hardcore pantser, and now I'm a hardcore plotter. It's crazy how big I made the switch! Lol. But anyways, hopefully I'll be finished plotting before NaNo gets here... o.o

    I hope you have the BEST novel plot week and everything goes smoothly for you! ^_^

    1. That's so awesome! Each writing style has it perks, and it's definitely fun to see how writing processes change over time. You are WAY more prepared than I am, hehe. You can do it!

      My plotting usually looks more like "This could happen? Maybe???" and leaving notes in the margins trying to figure out what I meant went I wrote that. *nervous laughter*

      Thank you! :)

  2. You already have way more of a structure and schedule to your NaNo writing than I do, LOL! I just fly by the seat of my pants, every time (and not so effectively, haha)! I seriously can't wait for NaNo this year and hope to actually take a week to maybe do a little bit of planning...maybe. :) But I agree that it can be totally fun to just write that first draft and see where the story and characters take you. It's magical!

    1. YES! I love following the twists and turns the characters take with the story. Sometimes, it's even better than the plot points I planned for!

  3. I so need this! It seems having a specific (and extremely detailed) schedule helps me tremendously. And NaNo is literally just around the corner! I'm NOT READY!!!!!! But it'll be okay. Right?? ;D

    Thanks for sharing, Jamie!! :]

    1. Feel free to give it a try! It's been super helpful to have a prep schedule to stick to.

      *panics* Honestly, I'm not sure any of us are ever really prepared for NaNo, hehe. But, hey, it's half the fun! ;D


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