Snippets | June 2017

Writing has been an interesting adventure this month. After some reconfiguration and surprise plot twists from the characters, TAD2 is taking shape. Since it’s been my main WIP this month, all of the following snippets are from it. (Although, the problem with writing a sequel is finding favorite lines that don’t have too many spoilers!)

Without further are the snippets!

  A trail of orange sparks shot upward from the dying fire, like fireflies spiraling up to meet the ink-colored sky.
  Warm tears slipped from the corners of her eyes. She swiped them away and stared at the sky, focusing on the shapes made by the lights above: constellations she’d learned as a little girl, listening to her parents as they all huddled in the loft on a warm summer night, or on clear-skied evenings when Bayor taught her how to use the sky for navigation.
  Though he’d offered a smile—a rather apologetic one, too—he hadn’t said a word, even when she attacked him with questions.
  Probably would have made a good spy, with the right training.
  Unawareness would always turn into a weapon someone else could use against him.
  ...he squeezed his eyes shut against waking.
  Still, the action was too late. His mind was stirring, trying to push aside the haze of fatigue and make sense of the details around him.


  1. Oh, oh, OOOOOH. This is so exciting getting a peek at the sequel!!!! :D These are so gorgeous. I can just FEEL the emotion coming out of them! MEEP. I loved these!

  2. These are great one-or-more-liners! I especially like the warm details in your first snippet. I also like the snippet about using the stars for navigation—it seems like an interesting way to show the connection between the family and the world. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I love writing little details like that. :)


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